Queen Cab

More comfort, maximum visibility and precision manoeuvring for best performance

This makes work simple and productive.

Queen Cab

is designed to promote the maximum comfort, efficiency and visibility: everything is under control.
It is supplied with an anatomic seat with adjustable armrests and an adjustable steering wheel according to the driver's height. This allows every operator to enjoy the maximum ergonomics during work.

Everything is under control.

The cabin guarantees the maximum manoeuvring precision of the telescopic handler, also thanks to a new control panel including a dashboard with intuitive multi-purpose colour LCD display. The new joystick provides you with millimetric control of the boom and allows you to command the forward movement of the machine. On demand, the supply can be conpleted with a Bluetooth interface radio and pneumatic suspension seat.

  • Joystick with palm rest
  • Adjustable steering wheel and seat
  • Ergonomic seat
  • Multi-purpose LCD colour display