MEC is renowned for producing high quality, award-winning and extremely innovative self-propelled powered access platforms. Designed and built in Kenton, California, MEC lifts are now exported worldwide, including MEC scissor lifts and MEC boom lifts. OMEGA SALES is official dealer of MEC in Europe.

MEC’s design philosophy is to provide equipment solutions to its customers. It is regarded as the one of the world’s most forward-thinking access platform producers, producing pioneering machines that are often unique to MEC.

MEC first established a reputation for designing and manufacturing high-quality scissor lifts in the late 1970s, when it was based in Mayville, Wisconsin, USA. The company pioneered the pothole protection system for electric slab scissors that is now widely accepted across the globe – and it still produces a highly regarded range of slab scissors today.

Since relocating to California in 2002, the company has repeatedly raised the bar for innovation, including launching some of the world’s first electric rough terrain scissor lifts. The MEC Crossover series deliver rough terrain performance without the complexity, noise or pollution of an internal combustion engine. Quiet, clean and efficient, these MEC battery-powered scissors include an extensive range of compact models that are ideal for working between buildings on industrial, retail and business parks. MEC also produces a range of twin deck rough terrain scissors, including the new 6092RT, a very competitively-priced 60ft rough terrain scissor lift.

The MEC Speed Level series of sigma boom lifts take productivity one step further than standard rough terrain scissors, as they do not require outriggers or stabilisers to be deployed before elevation. The platform self-levels at the touch of a button and these MEC sigma booms can be driven at full height.

In 2010 it introduced the MEC Titan Boom, which combines the stability and rough terrain capabilities of a telehandler chassis with the reach of a telescopic boom and the large deck and load capacity of a big deck scissor lift. This innovative MEC boom lift – now available in two models – has won international acclaim and several industry awards.