Technical support

OMEGA SALES offers only the best and the most reliable machines on the market. Nevertheless a problem is not entirely ruled out. In case of a problem with your machine, you can always count on our OMEGA SERVICE department. This department is ready to help you directly and allows you to get started again with your job.

Problems with your platform?


Call for technical support: +31 174 52 59 90 Or mail us:

OMEGA SERVICE is a specialist in the field of maintenance and inspection of aerial work platforms and telehandlers. Through our years of experience with platforms and telehandlers we know the machines from the inside and the outside. This ensures that we can offer a great service, quick and efficient.

Our service team is available 24/7 to help you with probmlems on your platforms and telehandlers. If you are experiencing technical problems with your equipment, our qualified staff will do everything to minimize the duration of the necessary repairs. In many cases it is possible to carry out repairs on the location and in that way to permit completion of operations energetically. If it is not possible to carry out a repair on the location, we can look for a replacement machine so that operations can continue.

Wondering what OMEGA SERVICE can do for you? Take a further look at our website or contact us.