Hydraulic quick coupling to speed up the change of the different accessoiries

Manoeuvring prescision and safety, everywhere.

The side levelling proportional control function ensures the maximum lifting capacity and safety on all types of ground. Standard Heavy Duty and Big Range. The Big Range is supplied as per standard with front outriggers and optional locking of the rear axle to enhance the lifting capacity of the materials and safety while lifting people. The TOP CEST version has the optional radio control so that the basket can be used by one operator alone.

4-wheel drive + 3 steering systems

2 front steered wheels to guarantee road safety
4 steering wheels for manoeuvres in construction sides with little space
Grab steering for side approaches and delicate manoeuvres

360∘ view, all the time

The Queen Cab is a cabin which provides the driver with maximum visibility thanks to its anti-glare glass surface expanded by 20%.

You have an excellent view the entire working area thanks to the large glass surfaces and uninterrupted and frontward extended windshield. Rear angles which are difficult to see are kept under control by a mirror on the right side of the machine.

Always pleasant conditions.

An air conditioning, heating and ventilation system allow you to work comfortably 365 days a year.

On hot and cold days, the operator can easily adjust the temperature conditions inside the cabin according to his requirements.

Easy and quick maintenance

Cabin designed to facilitate maintenance: the floor of the Queen Cab can easily be removed for cleaning

Queen Cab

of the Heavy Duty

More comfort, maximum visibility and precision manoeuvring for best performance

This makes work simple and productive

Queen Cab is designed to promote the maximum comfort, efficiency and visibility: everything is under control.
It is supplied with an anatomic seat with adjustable armrests and an adjustable steering wheel according to the driver's height. This allows every operator to enjoy the maximum ergonimics during work.

Everything is under control
The cabin guarantees the maximum manoeuvring precision of the telescopic handler, also thanks to a new control panel including a dashboard with intuitive multi-purpose colour LCD display. The new joystick provides you with millimetric control of the boom and allows you to command the forward movement of the machine.
On demand, the supply can be completed with a Bluetooth interface radio and pneumatic suspension seat.

  • Joystick with palm rest
  • Adjustable steering wheel and seat
  • Ergonomic seat
  • Multi-purpose LCD colour display

Specs and features Heavy Duty

Configuration Classic GLS VPSe
Transmission Version HS Two mechanical gears from a standstill Continuous speed variation
Engine (kW/HP) Iveco 93 kW IIIA Deutz 90 kW IIIB Deutz 90 kW IIIB
Service pump(l/min) Gears 120@230 bar Prop. Ls 152@250 bar Prop. Ls 152@250 bar
Joystick Electromechanical-proportional Hydraulic electro proportional Hydraulic electro proportional
Display Multi-purpose Multi-purpose Multi-purpose
Queen Cab Cabin Standard Standard Standard
Front and rear LED lights Standard Standard Standard
Manual 6-way diverter Optional Optional Optional
Rear hydraulic connection with dual electro proportional effect Optional Optional
Rear trailer lights socket Optional Standard Standard
Raising recycling valve Standard Standard
Engine water pre-heating Optional Optional Optional
Air conditioning Optional Standard Standard
Hydraulic trailer brakes Optional Optional Optional
Pneumatic trailer brakes Optional Optional Optional
Boom suspension Optional Optional Optional
Floating boom Optional Optional Optional
Front constant flow Optional Optional Optional
PEB manual 6-way diverter Optional Optional Optional
PEB Optional Optional Optional
Multi-purpose reversing fan Optional Optional Optional
Wheels 18-22.5 Standard Standard Standard
Version 40 km/h Standard Standard Standard
Radio Optional Optional Optional
Side levelling Standard Standard Standard
Shovel mode Standard Standard Standard

Models Heavy Duty

Models 9.60 9.70 10.65
Maximum total unladen weight (kg) 10800 11100 11200
Number of extracting sections 1 1 1
Max capacity (kg) 6000 7000 6500
Max lifting height (m) 8.8 8.8 9.5
Max horizontal boom extension (m) 4.75 4.75 5.40
Boom extension at max height (m) 0.15 0.15 0.35
Swinging angle of forks (°) 122 122 122
Hydraulic oil tank (l) 150 150 150
Diesel oil tank (l) 120 120 120
Cabin width 960 960 960

Dimensions Heavy Duty

Dimension 9.60 9.70 10.65
Height 2550 2550 2550
Width 2334 2334 2334
Gauge 1840 1840 1840
Ground clearance 410 410 410
Front overhang 1373 1373 1373
Pitch 2950 2950 2950
Rear overhang 1265 1265 1265
Length without tow hitch 5588 5588 5888
Length with tow hitch 5654 5654 5654
Cabin width 960 960 960

Maximum lifting capacity from 6 t to 7 t
Maximum height 9 m to 10 m

The three models in the new Heavy Duty range, conceived for the housing and construction sector, offer power, precision and control. Available with different types of transmission, maximum speed of 40 km/h and 4 driving modes in GLS and VPSe configurations. Great capacity of material moving without loosing the performance of the machine standard, especially adapt for the big construction site or for moving heavy materials.


Heavy Duty