360∘ view, all the time

The Queen Cab is a cabin which provides the driver with maximum visibility thanks to its anti-glare glass surface expanded by 20%.

You have an excellent view the entire working area thanks to the large glass surfaces and uninterrupted and frontward extended windshield. Rear angles which are difficult to see are kept under control by a mirror on the right side of the machine.

Always pleasant conditions.

An air conditioning, heating and ventilation system allow you to work comfortably 365 days a year.

On hot and cold days, the operator can easily adjust the temperature conditions inside the cabin according to his requirements.

Easy and quick maintenance

Cabin designed to facilitate maintenance: the floor of the Queen Cab can easily be removed for cleaning

  • 360∘ view
  • Standard front and rear LED work lights with high lighting capacity
  • Document pocket
  • Bottle holder
  • Cabin compliant with EC, ROPS and FOPS regulations