Specs and features Small Range

Configuration Classic Agri Top
Transmission Hydrostatic Hydrostatic
Engine (kW/HP) Yanmar 52/70 KW IIIB Yanmar 52/70 KW IIIB
Service Pump (L/MIN) Gears 70@230 bar Gears 70@230 bar
Joystick Mechanical electro – proportional Mechanical electro – proportional
Display Multi-purpose Multi-purpose
Queen Cab Cabin Standard Standard
Front and rear LED lights Standard Standard
Manual 6-way diverter Optional Standard
Rear hydraulic connection with dual electro proportional effect Optional Standard
Rear trailer lights socket Optional Standard
Engine water pre-heating Optional Optional
Air conditioning Optional Standard
Hydraulic trailer brakes Optional Optional
Pneumatic trailer brakes Optional Optional
Boom suspension Optional Optional
Floating Boom Optional Optional
PEB manual 6-way diverter Optional Optional
PEB Optional Optional
Multi-purpose reversing fan Optional Optional
Wheels 12-16.5 Standard Optional
Wheels 12.5-18 Optional Standard
Creeper Optional Optional
Front constant flow Optional Optional
Shovel mode Standard Standard
Radio Optional Optional
Reversing fan Optional Optional